Phen375 Weight Loss – Lose up to 20 Pounds in One Month

Kimberley Phen375 testimonial before and afterThere are fat burners that comes and then quickly disappear from the market again. Simply because they are useless. Then we have weight loss supplements like Phen375 that has been around since 2009 and why is that?

Phen375 keeps proving to its users that you will lose weight very effectively. It is one of the only supplements available that can make you lose as much as 20 pounds in one month!!

In this article you are going to learn a lot more about Phen375 and how it will make you lose weight. You will also learn more about the ingredients and what actual users has to say about Phen375.

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Phen375 Benefits What You Will Get

When you get started to use Phen375 to lose weight with you will get quite a few benefits that not only will help you to lose weight and keep the weight off. But also will help you to improve your daily life.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits using Phen375.

  • You will be able to lose between 3 and 5 lbs per week
  • Make you body burn more fat
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Suppress your appetite
  • Thermogenic capabilities (heat up your body to burn up to 270 calories extra per day)
  • Get rid of your storage fat
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Prevent muscle loss

How Phen375 Will Make You Lose Weight

What is special about Phen375 is that it will help you to lose weight in a couple ways that combines together can give you a very effective weight loss where you will not risk gaining all the weight back on again after your diet. If you are doing your weight loss the right way.

Normally when you go on a low calorie diet, you will lose a lot of muscle mass. This will slow down your metabolism and you will risk gaining all the weight back on a again after your diet. This is because your body will need less calories than before your diet, due to less muscle mass to feed.

With Phen375 you will avoid this problem from happening. You will not lose any muscles, in fact Phen375 is a great help to gain some more muscles if you want to.

Suppress Your Appetite with Phen375

Suppressing your appetite is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. You will simply knock out all the temptations for food doing so. Suppressing your appetite is also a great way to avoid any emotional eating issues, especially when you use Phen375.

When you use Phen375 to suppress your appetite you will release a higher amount of serotonin in your brain. This is the hormone that can give you the exact same happy feeling you would get from food and from over-eating.

Make Your Body Burn More Fat

Phen375 gives you a complex set of ingredients, that keeps involving and improving and that effectively will make your body burn more fat. Currently Phen37 will make you burn more fat and calories by lowering the conversion of fat from your diet into body storage fat.

At the same time you will have higher energy levels which overall will give you a higher calorie burn. You will also become more energetic which will add a couple of calories as well.

A third way that Phen375 will make you burn more calories and fat is the thermo genic effect you are going to get. This body heat up will give you an additional calorie burn of up to 270 calories per day.

Boost Your Metabolism

Keeping your metabolism high is a key success when it comes to weight loss. Way to many diets out there will lower your metabolism in such a way that you will gain all the weight back on again within 6 months after finishing your diet.

Preserving your metabolism is all about maintaining a fair amount of muscle mass on your body. Less muscles will slow down your metabolism because your body will not be needing so many calories. Ingredients I Phen375 will help you to make sure that the weight you will be losing is in form of body fat and not muscle mass.

Bottles of Phen 375

The Phen375 Ingredients

Phen375 comes with a unique blend of ingredients that all have been carefully chosen and combined in order to give you the best possible weight loss. A weight loss promoted without risking any serious side effects. Ongoing studies at RDK Global ensures that these ingredients mimics the powerful prescription drug Phentermine, the best possible way.

Currently after 13th of November 2013 the ingredient list in Phen375 are as followed.

L-Carnitine (L-Tartrate) 68%

L-Carnitne is an amino acid that in higher dosages can turn your fat cells into an effective source of energy. When you take L-Carnitine to lose weight with it will lower the conversation of fat from your diet to be turned into body fat.

Studies also suggest that L-Carnitine can improve men’s sperm count and help you to lower an elevated heart rate.


Synephrine is very similar to the know banned ephedra diet pills made of Ma Huang. Syneprine increases your metabolism so you will be able to burn more calories during the day.

Synephrine have also showed to be able to increase the thermic effect in food, especially among women. Increased thermic effect means burning more calories.


Is an ingredient also found in pepper fruits where it provides the strong itchy flavor. Capsicum raises your body’s core temperature so you will be burning more body fat.

Capsicum also increases your blood flow so more nutrients will be carried around in your body. This can help other weight loss ingredients to become more effective and a greater fat burn is expected.


Raises you energy levels for a greater fat burn. More important is that caffeine also will trigger your brain to believe that you are full and do not need any food.

If you are a coffee drinker you may recall these moments where a high intake of coffee due to a stressful moment has caused you not to eat because you did not feel hungry. It is kind of the same effect you can get with Phen375 but without caffeine jolting or heart burns.

Dendrobium Nobile Extract

Is a potent fat burner that helps your body to burn more fat in a very similar way to phentermine. Dendrobium Nobile extract are increasing in popularity these years because it is able to replace some of the many benefits you would get from the now removed DMAA. A substance very similar to Ma Huang ephedra.

Coleus Forskolii Root PE

A highly controversial weight loss ingredient these years that carries a lot of different benefits, such as mens health, asthma and weight loss. In order to make this work for weight loss it is important that the compound contains a high amount of the Forsholin part, around 10%. Else the effects will be very limited. Here Phen375 is the right choice.

Basically said Forskolin works by increasing your production of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP). This triggers a thyroid hormone that will burn more fat and calories.

Phen375 Testimonials

Since February 2009 which was the launch of Phen375 thousands of dieters has already been success with their weight loss diet using Phen375. Here are what some of them has to say.

Isabella Phen375 experience before and after“My kids tell me that they really like the way I look now! We’ve also started exercising as a family I can actually play with them, I’m not a soccer player but we have fun. I even put on a bathing suit, no more love handles! I did the work and Phen375 helped me and made all the difference.”
Isabella, Miami, January 2010

Marina Testimonial Phen375 before and after

“I think the results are spectacular but I want to lose additional 10 kg. Thank you.”

Marina, France, January 2014

Dean Testimonial Before and After Phen375“I am also eating a better diet and enjoying it drinking plenty of water and doing exercise most days. I am a bit naughty with food on the weekends but the weight is still falling off me.

Thank you so much Phen 375 you are a life saver.”

Kind regards

Dean, Australia, March 2011

Is Phen375 a Scam?

Phen375 has been around for quite some time and is not one of these day to day supplements you see flooding the market especially around January. RDK Global is the company behind Phen375 and is located in Dallas, Texas and in Nottingham, the United Kingdom.

When you buy Phen375 you will have easy access to the company’s customer support that will be more than willing to help to thru email, phone or physical address.

You do need to be aware that there are fakes out there. Copies of Phen375 being sold that does not contain the right ingredients. So when you want to buy Phen375 is it important that you only buy from the original Phen375 site and not else where.

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Get Started with Phen375

Today is the perfect day to get started to lose weight with Phen375. Remember that Phen375 is much more than a couple of containers with diet pills. Phen375 is a full weight loss system that not only will make you burn fat, but also will cleanse your body and suppress your appetite. With Phen375 you will not be left by self with 30 capsules you need to swallow the next 30 days.

You will even receive a full high metabolized diet action plan to follow and access to exercise videos you can do in the comfort of your home.

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Phen375 Special Diet with Diet Plan



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The Power of Cheat Meals In Your Weight Loss Diet

the Power of Cheat Meals on Your DietFor some dieters cheat meals may sound to good to be true because they are basically a regular meal with some of your favorite foods, that you can have while you are on your diet. The idea of cheat meals is not because you are being awarded for your diet efforts. Cheat meals can be an effective way to lose weight if you do them correctly. Using them wrong and you may be failing your diet.

Boost Your Metabolism with a Cheat Meal

So why use cheat meals to lose weight with, the sound like a meal that really should be avoided because they contain a lot of calories, and much more than you will need while being on a diet. After being dieting for a while your body has adapted to your low calorie intake and a high calorie boost is exactly what you will need in order to get your diet back on track and keep losing weight.

With a cheat meal you increasing your metabolism to burn more calories because you are basically telling your body that you are going to take in more calories again, and that you need to be burning calories.

Your Cravings for Food

Cheat meals are also great when you start to crave your favorite foods to much. They can give you a little slack and time off from your diet. You will not feel so bad about having a meal with your favorite foods because you know it will serve a higher purpose, to boost your metabolism to burn more calories.

Cheat Meals to Boost Your Energy Levels in the Gym

Having a cheat meal once a week can help you to fill your muscles with glycogen which will give you a much better muscle building workout. Glykogen and proteins can actually help you to build more muscles mass which again can help you to burn more calories.

But Remember About Cheat Meals

When it comes to cheat meals it is important that you remember if you are doing them wrong you will end up gaining weight and might jeopardize your diet. In order to make a cheat meal effective enough it is important only to do them once a week. Also remember not do to more than 2 in a row. After having your cheat meal on for example Sunday you need to have power enough to be right back on your diet the following diet, else a cheat meal will destroy your diet attempt.

One way to get around this problem is by using Phen375 to suppress your appetite so you will not end up over-eating just because you are having a cheat meal. You can lean a lot more about Phen375 in our article Phen375 Weight Loss – Lose up to 20 Pounds in One Month

Also check the official Phen375 store for a lot more information and special offers on Phen375. Click on the link below.

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Cheat Meals Using Phen375

Boost Your Metabolism and Burn a Lot More Body Fat

Boost our metabolism and burn more fat with these tipsOk so you are not so found about going on yet another low calorie diet in order to lose some weight? Well, you really don’t have too, even if you want to lose weight! The basic fact is that going on a low calorie diet might even make you gain more weight after finishing your diet.

Why? Because lose calorie diets will slow down your metabolism in such a way that even a peach will make you gain weight after your diet. If you want to lose weight a high metabolism is vital to your success.

In this article you are going to learn what you can do in order to boost your metabolism and that way burn a lot more body fat, and being able to keep the weight off after your diet.

Proteins are Not Your Enemy

First step in order to boost your metabolism is to make sure you are eating more proteins. Often men do not have a problem with that, but tend to eat too much fat from the meat they are eating. To them I can say, get your proteins from lean sources like fish and chicken, Yes a steak is ok one or twice during the week.

Women eat way to less proteins, they often switch their sources of food to salads and vegetables while being on a diet. This is not a good idea either because you will lose a lot of muscle mass. Remember muscles burns lots of calories.  So if you are a woman you should ramp up your protein intake and combine it with the salads and vegetable you are eating already.

Get Started to Work-Out – Muscles and Cardio

You might not like this, but getting started to work out is a great way to boost your metabolism and that way burn more body fat. The good news is that you don’t have to spend all day in the gym, even short sessions will do you a lot of good – With time you might even like it.

Your workouts need to be a combination of high intensity cardiovascular training combined with a good muscle workout with, out without weights.

You will get two major benefits doing this. First your increased muscle mass will increase your metabolism as much as up to 85 extra calories per pound of extra muscle mass. Second doing cardio will keep your metabolism elevated for up to 48 hours after your workout. So you better get started.
Remember when you go to the gym, you can reward yourself sometimes, having the cheat meal on Sundays.

Boost Your Metabolism with a Supplement

Honestly normally it is very limited what supplements can do when it comes to boosting your metabolism, they simply do not have the right ingredients to boost your metabolism. However there is one supplement, Phen375.

This supplement will give you a quite unique combination of ingredients that can boost your metabolism and make your body burn more fat. If you are concerned about getting hungrier because of the exercise, Phen375 will help you to take care of this as well. This supplement is a great appetite suppressant as well.

If you want to learn a lot more how exactly Phen375 will make you lose weight I suggest that you check out our article Phen375 Weight Loss – Lose up to 20 Pounds in One Month Here you will get all the information you will need.

Also check the manufactures’ website for more information on the link below.

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Phen375 Special Diet with Diet Plan